Glogster EDU:
This is an example of a glog that was created by a teacher about figurative language. Use glogs to teach or for students to show what they know.

Use an interactive corkboard to have students publish sticky notes for book reviews, character studies, to suggest story ideas, etc.
This is an example of a Corkboard that was created by an elementary media specialist for her students to share book reviews:

Make any picture talk! With Blabberize students can use clip art, photos, or scanned artwork that they created themselves and make it talk.
Here is an example of a Blabberize for a book review:

Voicethread creates a conversation around an image or series of images. Once your Voicethread is created, users can log in and leave their own audio, video, or text comments. Here is an example of a Voicethread that was created for a class book study on Chris VanAllsburg:

Zooburst creates 3-D pop-up books. Attach a webcam to your computer to get the full 3-D experience.
Here is a book created by about a day at school: